Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is in a Name?

What's in a Name?

I work with children and over the years have heard some crazy ones. Here's my Thursday Thirteen list of the most outrageous ones.

1. Kal-El--Yes, that's right. Poor kid was named after Superman.

2. Legend--That's a tough name to live up to.

3. ABCDE--Pronounced ab-sid-ee. Her big brother's name was LX.

4. Possum--Just like the animal.

5. Twenty three--The date he was born on.

6. Penisiluau--Pronounced Penny-si-luau. Proud Pacific Islander name, but all the other teen aged boys saw when they spelled his name was a party for dicks.

7. Neisseiria--Pronounced Nigh-seer-ia. Sounds beautiful until you learn it's the latin name for the germ that causes Gonorrhea.

8. Shithead--Prounounced Shi-theed. Honest, got it from a very reliable source.

9. Huckleberry-Dad was a Mark Twain fan.

10. Kidd--For the parent too lazy to choose a name.

11. Ellyptica--Exercise machine or physics term?

12. Caution--Would you date a guy with that name?

13. Oranjello and his twin brother Yellojello--Seriously. No joke.

I'm sure you've heard some doozies in your time. I'd love to hear them. ~~ Tess

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  1. I once heard of a girl named Vagina. This is secondhand but from a pretty reliable source. :)